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These exercises deal with a lot of communication issues between people in software engineering organizations. To provide some indication on how you have succeeded in this respect, you must provide an audit trail of your actions during these exercises.

Your work during the group exercise will be analyzed and graded by the course assistants. While assessing your work, we will consider the following  (but not necessarily limited to these) factors:

  • Participation to the teamwork (everyone must participate to the accomplishment of the weekly tasks)
  • Quality of the teamwork (how well do you face the challenges that arise from working in the given environment)
  • Communicating within the team (are there problems in communication within the team, between you and your co-workers?)
  • Communication between the teams (how well do you handle the challenges to communication due to differences in location, culture, time, etc.)
  • The reflective analysis of your work (how well did you learn from your experiences)


Exercise Introduction Session information will be updated soon. 

Please feel free to email the exercise assistants (below) in case of any questions regarding course exercise:


Nirnaya Tripathi -,

Iflaah Salman -






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