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02 Mar 17 at 23.59 Final Concept Map
Final concept map (worth 5p) – DL 2.3. 23:59
Mandatory concepts are: 6 course topics
Use linking words, e.g. if you draw line from ET to CT the words should describe the relationship.
You may use pen and paper
Or freely available tool: http://cmap.ihmc.us/docs/conceptmap.php
Always hand in a picture or document: jpg, gif, png, pdf, word-file.
We are missing one wrap-up lecture so this will compensate it.
07 Mar 17 at 23.59 Term Project - Plan
Short bulleted list with the following parts
Introduction and background.
- Why is this relevant? Because increasing demand on X
- Objectives. To develop X, To investigate X
- How are the objectives reached? “I will use tool X” “I will study source code”, etc.
- What is gained by this research?
25 Mar 17 at 23.59 Term project
See Slides.
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