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16 Nov 18 Grade and Total Score
Results: Results
Grading review: See file
Grade requirements: See file
Results published:
16 Nov 18 at 18:08 
15 Nov 18 Final Report
Results: Results
Grading review:
Grade requirements:
Results published:
15 Nov 18 at 12:45 
07 Nov 18 Peerwise grades
Results: Results
Grading review: Answers and questions graded
Grade requirements: 1.5 max per question per topic
0-2.5 as per answered questions per topic
Results published:
07 Nov 18 at 13:29 
02 Nov 18 Essay grades
Results: Results
Grading review: Essays graded using double blind peer review.
Grade requirements: Every essay can have a grade between 0 and 10 points. Please note that in Moodle you do not see the reductions for being late, if you were late only a few hours. This has been calculated in the sheet and can be seen by clicking the appropriate cell.
Results published:
05 Nov 18 at 13:37 
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