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We have two types of assigments.

1) Weekly essays (5 deadlines). Every Tuesday at 12:00

2) Group exercise (1 deadline)

Deadlines of possible assignments have not been added


Examples of good essaysfrom 2015 (highly recommended)




Submitting your essay assignments

Submit your essay via Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Course Code:  0nv8xeh

See  http://www.oulu.fi/th/gafe/


Oral presentation of essays

  • 3 students have a presentation on each Wednesday lecture
  • 10 minutes each presentation
  • 5 minutes for discussion
  • Follow the format of the essay
  • No need to spend lot of time repeating the facts
  • Use slides if you want
  • Must include a question to the audience


General instructions for writing an essay

Essays in this course are analytical and coherent writings with a clear viewpoint or statement that is logically reasoned and critically analyzed.

You must write in your own words. Own insight, comparison of opinions, and critical analysis based on the given sources is highly valued in grading. You should include, e.g., analysis and synthesis of the source materials, your personal experiences and reflections.

Think how is this information useful. I can use it “in my Master’s thesis” / “when I start my own company developing” / “when I work as a programmer in Nokia”  

An essay is NOT just a summary of the source material (referaatti). An essay is not just a list of direct answers to the questions in the assignment. The purpose of the questions is to give you viewpoints to consider, not to dictate the structure of your writing.

Structure your essay as a coherent article, not directly by the given assignment questions. E.g., introduction, question or statement, body / discussion, conclusion. Use headings that reflect the content of your essay. You may even modify the main title of your essay to better reflect your specific focus.

Do not copy-paste text to your essays. You must cite clearly all the sources you use. The lectures and lecture slides of this course count as sources and if you use them, you must list them. Use a citation style as demonstrated in the essay template. If you are unsure about the rules or what is counted as plagiarism, refer to the Aalto University Code of Academic Integrity and Handling Violations, or contact the teacher.

Diagrams, drawings, etc. are not required, but are allowed and encouraged to clarify your analysis. Note: You are allowed to copy diagrams from other sources (provided that the copy right allows it). This is a practical relaxation of the no plagiarism rule.

The essay formatting and returning rules in a nutshell are:

  • You may write in English, or Finnish (but don't mix the languages in the same essay)
  • The length of an essay is 1200-2000 words in English and in 923-1540 words for Finnish (Only the body text is counted).The Finnish language uses less words than English for identical texts. This is documented in translation fees of people see here and here
  • The allowed file formats are PDF (recommended), RTF and DOC (or docx)
  • You must follow the formatting instructions (remember to put your name and student number at the top of the essay.
  • State your sources.

-1 point from your essay grade if your essay

  is too long
    or if you do not follow the details of the submission instructions
    or your essay document does not have your name and student number in the top of the essay text

If we find out that you have used a source without citing, you will get failed essay. Be specific when you list your sources: If you used Wikipedia as a source, mention which Wikipedia pages you used and when did you read the page, and if you used a lecture or lecture slides as source, state which lectures or which lecture slides you used.

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