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Course overview


ECTS Credits 5   op
Language of instruction FI.



(1st and) 2nd MSc-year, both semesters.

Learning outcomes

Along with participating to seminars, the student can compare different view points of research and he/she can adapt his/her own Master thesis for wider puicture of Geography. In the seminars, the student takes part to the geographical discussions and he/she can argue the results of his/her study.


There are three types of seminars to carry out. Seminar I, which takes place in the beginning of the seminar- of last study year, is based on research questions, hypothesis, data, methods, preliminary structure of thesis etc. In Seminar II, the student will present the structure of the thesis, theoretical background and the guidelines the empirical field work. In Seminar III the final version of the Master Thesis will be presented. Co-student will act as an opponent. Working as an opponent is obligatory at least once per seminarperiod.

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face learning.

Learning activities and teaching methods


Target group

Common course to all students of Geography.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Recommended optional programme components


Recommended or required reading


Assessment Methods and criteria

Participating to seminars.

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


Pass / failed.

Person responsible Ahlqvist Toni Saarinen Jarkko Tervo-Kankare Kaarina Paasi Anssi Hjort Jan Rusanen Jarmo
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