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Course overview

Opintojakso ei ole käynnissä tai opintojaksolla ei käytetä Noppaa. Sivun sisältö saattaa olla vanhentunutta.

ECTS Credits 30   op
Language of instruction FI.

Finnish, Swedish, Englsih or other possible language which is agreed with professors.


(1st or) 2nd year, 1st or 2nd semesters (autumn or spring semesters)

Learning outcomes

Indicates that the student is able to carry out demanding and independent academic research work. Thesis shows that the student can write a Thesis which are based on material that he/she has studied and on basic concepts and phenomena of his/her field of specialization. In the Thesis the student can use the most central research methods, and can classify, analyse and evaluate his/her knowledge in relation to the tradition of the research field. The Thesis shows that the student can make accurate conclusions about the studied phenomena and he/she reflects those in relation to research tradition. Thesis is based on latest aspects of the field and also develops new research subjects and questions.


The Thesis will deal with the subject that is approved by professor or other supervisor. The student will take part to Seminar (I, II, III) in Master Thesis (791631S).

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face learning.

Learning activities and teaching methods

Independent research report.

Target group

Common course to all students of Geography.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Recommendation: all the Basic and Intermediate studies are finished and main part of Advanced studies are finished.

Recommended optional programme components

Recommended or required reading

Assessment Methods and criteria

Written Thesis.

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


The Thesis will approved and grades the Departmental Council of the Department of Geography, 1 5.

Person responsible Saarinen Jarkko Ahlqvist Toni Tervo-Kankare Kaarina Paasi Anssi Hjort Jan Rusanen Jarmo
Work placements

Yes. Master thesis can be carried out in wider research or development project.

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