Quantum mechanics I

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Quantum mechanics I

Kurssi on luennoitu vuosittain syyslukukaudella / The course has been lectured annually on the autumn semester

Syksyn 2018 ensimmäinen luento keskiviikkona 5.9. klo 12.15 - 14.00 salissa PR132.  


Kurssikielenä on englanti, jolleivät kaikki osallistujat ymmärrä suomea. Tervetuloa!

The first lecture of autumn 2017 will be held on Wednesday September 5th at 12.15 - 14.00 at PR132.

More info on the course will appear shortly. The course is given in English unless everyone understands Finnish. Welcome!

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29 Oct 18 First midterm
06 Sep 18 Today's lecture IT136
05 Jan 18 Exam
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