Master of science thesis in genetics

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Course overview

Opintojakso on poistunut opetusohjelmasta, sivun sisältö on vanhentunutta.

ECTS Credits 40   op
Language of instruction FI.

Finnish / English.


M.Sc. 1 st or 2 nd  year.

Learning outcomes

Student knows the research methods in specific field of biology. She is conversant with her field of thesis and is able to scientific thinking, estimating the results, analysing, drawing conclusions and scientific communicating.


Literary work which in general includes experimental research work. Student gets profoundly acquainted on certain special field in biology.

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face teaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods

Independent research work on a scientific subject in agreement with the responsible professor and under the supervision of the Department. The supervisors may be professors of the department, docents and other teachers and researchers who have the docent’s status. The student may have several supervisors, the other supervisor may be from other department, university (also abroad) or from research institute.  The subject must be agreed on with the professor in advance. The research work can contain fieldwork, laboratory work, theoretical work or work on collections in museum. The work always includes a literature survey. After having completed the thesis, the student writes the Maturity Exam. The programme director will order the examiners by the proposal of the professor. Pro gradu working group accepts and grades the thesis on the basis of the final examiners’ opinions.

Target group

TEAg: compulsory 20 cr, BSg: compulsory 40 cr.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Recommended optional programme components


Recommended or required reading


Assessment Methods and criteria

Literary work.

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.


1-5 / Fail.


Work placements


Other information


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