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18 Mar 18 Grades of TEKOÄLY/Artificial Intelligence/521495A Date of exam: 26.2.2018

Results/grades of
TEKOÄLY / Artificial Intelligence /521495A
Date of exam: 26.2.2018

can be found in Noppa under Common additional material

or directly from:


*Abdenour Hadid
07 Mar 18 Thanks for taking part in the AI course, exam and projects.
Hi all,

Thanks for taking part in the AI course, exam and projects.

1) The evaluation of the exam/projects is almost completed. The results will be announced by early next week.

2) If you have not yet “completed” the mandatory tasks in the projects, please get in touch with the course assistant ( as soon as possible (before this weekend!!!).

3) If you would like to see the correct answers of the exam, please get in touch with

4) For those who have already passed the exam OR the project in the previous years and need only to either pass the project OR the exam this year, please get in touch with me ( as soon as possible.

5) I inform you that the next exam will be held on April 9th.

6) If you have any feedback on how to improve the course/projects for next year, please do not hesitate to write your feedback. It will be much appreciated.


25 Jan 18 About lecture, project 2 and exam
Some news about the Artificial Intelligence course:

1) There is NO lecture next Wednesday 31.1.2018.

2) During the lecture on next Thursday 1.2.2018 at 8:45-10:00 at PR104:

a. The second programming project will be given!

b. Any question related to the first programming project will be discussed and answered.

c. Please to bring your laptop if possible.

3) Please to not forget to register to the exam as soon as possible. The reason is that the University has only booked 80 seats for the next exam while there are 160 students. So, the university may need to allocate more seats for the exam.


16 Jan 18 About Programming homework 1

You can find in Noppa (under /lectures/Programming homework 1) the files and description that you need to do project 1.

I suggest that you download these files and install Python 2.7.

On Thursday, we will go through this project and explain and demonstrate how to get started.

If you can bring your laptop on Thursday (with Python installed .. or not), this would be useful. Otherwise, this is Ok as well.

See you tomorrow (Wednesday)!

*Abdenour Hadid
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