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Common additional material

The course is not in progress or the course does not use Noppa. Contents of this page may be out of date.

Old Exams: In the exams archive


Starting test (Test how well you remember the needed mathematical tools)

A short revision on matrix algebra
A short revision on statistical mathematics
Mindmap (in finnish)

Equation sheet (The same sheet is given in the exams) 


Lecture slides Lecture slides
Luentoesimerkit 1 Luentoesimerkit: Geneerinen lineaarinen malli
Luentoesimerkit 2 Luentoesimerkit: Pienimmän neliösumman estimointi
Luentoesimerkit 3 Luentoesimerkit: Estimaattoreiden tilastolliset ominaisuudet ja BLUE
Luentoesimerkit 4 Luentoesimerkit: Ilmaisuteoria ja ML-estimointi
Luentoesimerkit 5 Luentoesimerkit: Satunnaisparametrien estimointi ja tilaestimointi

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