Statistical Signal Processing

University of Oulu

Statistical Signal Processing

Spring 2017
Statistical signal processing gives basic knowledge about estimation theory and detection theory with applications to digital signal processing. Course is lectured in Finnish but the exercises are given in English. Exam questions are provided in English if requested.
Lecturer: Janne Heikkilä
Assistants: Matteo Pedone 
Text books:


1) J. Mendel: Lessons in Estimation Theory for Signal Processing, Communications and Control, Prentice-Hall, 1995 and 2) M.D. Srinath, P.K. Rajasekaran, R. Viswanathan: Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing with Applications, Prentice-Hall, 1996, Chapter 3.
Assignments: Several Matlab homework assignments that must be completed within one week after they have been published. 


Course can be passed by taking two midterm exams (7.4. and 28.4.) or a final exam. In addition, Matlab homework assignments must be completed. An equation sheet (see common additional material) is available in the midterm and final exams.
Grading: Written exam or midterm exams + Matlab homework (see "Assignments" page for more details).




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