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The course is not in progress or the course does not use Noppa. Contents of this page may be out of date.

The course will include 7 homework assignments that must be completed within one week after they have been published on this page. Each homework is worth of 2 points. By correctly answering to all homework assignments you will earn 14 points. In order to take the exam you need at least 8 points. Extra points (9-14) will give you 1-6 points to the first exam held on March, and 1-3 points to the second exam.

Assignments are small tasks that you need to complete with Matlab, and they only require few lines of Matlab code. However, the basic idea is that you also need to study the theory in order to solve these tasks. The solutions are returned by email. Each student should submit his/her own report (no group work), and only one report per student per assignment is allowed. Assignments should be done independently. Please, read the Matlab documentation first before asking help from the lecturer or the assistant. For every assignment, there are instructions what must be returned. The results are published on a web page with the student numbers (no names). Therefore, it is important that you include your student number in the report.


Tentative schedule:

Assignment  A1  A2  A3  A4  A5  A6  A7 A8*
15.1. 22.1. 29.1. 5.2. 12.2. 19.2.

* A8 is an additional assignment to compensate for missing points.  

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21 Jan 18 at 23.59 Camera calibration
See the PDF for instructions.
28 Jan 18 at 23.59 Color spaces
See the PDF for instructions.
04 Feb 18 at 23.59 Image features
See the PDF for instructions.
11 Feb 18 at 23.59 Classification
See the PDF for the instructions.
18 Feb 18 at 23.59 Texture
See the PDF for instructions.
25 Feb 18 at 23.59 Background subtraction
See the PDF for instructions.
04 Mar 18 at 23.59 Hough transform
See the PDF for instructions.
11 Mar 18 at 23.59 Triangulation
See the PDF for the instructions.

Data files

Other data files for the assignments (images, code, etc.) can be downloaded from here

Late homework policy

If you miss the deadline the amount of points will be reduced based the following rules:

  • 0-2 days → 75%
  • 2-4 days → 50%
  • 4-6 days → 25%
  • 6+ days → 0% 


Results for all assignments can be found here.



There is a vast amount of online material available such as Matlab primer. For doing the assignments, you can use Matlab in computer classrooms or you can download ThinLinc client to your own computer for free and connect, for example, to It will open a Linux desktop, where you can lauch a terminal window and start Matlab.

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