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Noppa and Optima foundations for the course are being built.


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10.01.2019 Solution for the exercises
Please, notice that model solutions are mostly in the lecture notes. I will also add numerical answers (whenever feasible) to each lecture scheduled in Noppa in the comment field.
07.01.2019 The exercises of the first two weeks are available in lecture list
After the second week the exercises may be modified on need basis from the ones made available as a complete collection from the past.
07.01.2019 Register to Matlab exercise intro now!
Please, register for the introductory Matlab exercise taking place in TS137 Friday 11.1 from either

Only 35 people can fit the room at a time, so please before choosing your time slot check the results so you don't overbook!

Register via the strawpoll link provided below:
04.01.2019 Kurssin ympäristö/Learning environment
Digitaaliset-suodattimet kurssi käyttää sekä Noppa- että Optima-ympäristöjä
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