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Digital Filters 521337A: Spring 2019

Lecturer: Olli Silvén

Teaching assistants: Tuomas Varanka, tuomas.varanka(ät), TS333

Lecture and exercise material: see the lectures

Please notice that the course uses Optima as a support tool to facilitate the lab exercises returns.

The alternative ways to pass this course:

1. Week exams + lab exercises; this is the only recommended option 
2. Final exam + lab exercises.

Notice, that the only conventional exam is held in the end of the course, and all renewals will be oral ones. That is, organised in person by the lecturer.

Target audience: The course is intended to students with "signals and systems" or "signal analysis"  already in their background

IT-environment: Mostly Noppa, Optima as support,  

The course does not have a winter break.

Student participation to the course in groups is strongly recommended.

Week exams:1-4 student groups will participate the week exams.The names of the group members must be sent to the course assistant using email. In this way we will avoid spelling errors and problems in reading handwriting.

Laboratory exercises: instructions will be provided in early January

The seating order: the groups should use the same seats for each group from gathering to gathering (this way it is easier for the lecturer to learn to know the participants) .

Absences: The student shares only the points of the week exams in which he/she returned an answer paper. More than three absences result from the dismissal from the group.

The lottery: every absence increases the students probability to become selected.

The points:

The week exam total is theoretically 48 points (3 points/problem, 2 problems/week exam), but only the 7 best out of 8 are used in determining the grade for each individual. In principle, this means that the first absence is "free".

The week exams are divided into two groups: exams 1-4 and  exams 5-8. From both groups a minimum of 12 points need to be gathered to pass the course.

The size of the participating group gives extra points in the following manner:

1-2 persons: 0p
3 persons: 1p
4 persons: 2p

If a group dissolves every member loses an extra point (1p) and the group points are adjusted to correspond to the new size. If a single person resigns from a group, he/se will lose the group point(s) in full.

Course books: Ifeachor & Jervis: Digital Signal Processing - a Practical Approach, preferably 2nd edition, are available from the  the main library course book section.

The lecture notes and problem solving session materials will appear to Noppa

Timetable: see the lectures


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