Wireless Communications I

University of Oulu

Wireless Communications I

Lecture notes and exercises are available in OPTIMA.

Lectures by Jari Iinatti

Exercises by Timo Kokkonen

Simulation work advised by Timo Kokkonen

Requirements: Lectures, Exercises and Literature

The course is passed by

  • a minor exams (3 exams during lecture period) OR final exam
  • AND by laboratory project (simulation work).

NOTE! By doing homework assignments and with excellently done simulation work (laboratory project), you can improve your exam(s) based grade! In the final grade of the course, the weight for the examination result is 0.6 and that for the design work report 0.4.

NOTE also! This course replaces old WC I (521320S) 8 CU.

Final Exams:

  • 17.1.2019
  • TBD




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