Machine Learning

University of Oulu

Machine Learning

The course consists of:

You can earn extra points to the exam score by actively attending the calculation and programming exercises.

Two-thirds (2/3) of the course grade will be based on the exam score and one-thirds (1/3) on the programming exercise grade.

Registration to University exams is mandatory and it is done in WebOodi. NOTE. The exam is not graded if a student has not registered in time. 

In coming events

Date Day Time Location Topic
22 Feb 18 Thu 12:15-14:00 TS101 Multilayer Perceptrons & Artificial Neural Networks
27 Feb 18 Tue 12:15-14:00 TS135, TS128 Whitening & Pattern Recognition Pipeline
01 Mar 18 Thu 12:15-14:00 TS101

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