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The course is not in progress or the course does not use Noppa. Contents of this page may be out of date.


This course has (a) no final exam, but (b) small (easy) weekly quizzes, and (c) weekly projects,  (d) weekly feedback both ways.
The objective all the time is to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes by every participant.



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11 Dec 17 Final quiz on Friday, December 15, 14.15-16.00
Quiz 6 and a voluntary retake of any (from none to all five) of the quizzes 1-5 will be held in TS101 on Friday, December 15, 2017.

28 Nov 17 An anonymous quiz 3 paper
The results of quiz 3 are now available as well as the patching results for quiz 2.

There is a quiz 3 paper in my hands without a name. If you suspect that it is yours (after checking your quiz 3 points), please, send Olli or Pekka your name by email. We can then do a quick comparative handwriting analysis.
16 Nov 17 Schedule change made: Friday lectures 14.15-16.00
The change has now been made
15 Nov 17 Important: Friday schedule change 12.15-14.00 --> 14.15-16.00
The timing on Fridays is changed from 12.15-14.00 to 14.15-16.00. Respective changes to course documentation will be made shortly. The location should stay at TS101, but that will be checked.
13 Nov 17 Quiz 1 take 2 @L10 on November 14, 16.00 o'clock
The title says it all
13 Nov 17 IMPORTANT: examinarium exam cancelled; don't register at!
Quiz 1 retake is not going to be in the exam aquarium!

The reason is insufficient space! I will try to free my timetable of tomorrow between 16.00 and 17.00 to supervise the event. The start time will be 16.00.

No extra quiz event will be organized after this event.
13 Nov 17 For the ones who were unable to participate on Friday November 10
For the people unable to participate the quiz on Friday, there is an opportunity at Examinarium (exam aquarium) tomorrow on Tuesday November 14.

Notice that
1. you must register via for start time 16.00, and
2. if you leave before 16.30, your exam will not be graded

Answering is by computer.
13 Nov 17 Friday timing survey in Optima
There have been requests to change the timing of Friday's lectures. Please, respond to the anonymous survey in Optima! The survey will close on Wednesday!
10 Nov 17 DSP SW engineer position available
09 Nov 17 Final quiz date 15.12.2017
Location TS101
31 Oct 17 On Mondays we start at 8.30
The course timetable states we should start on Mondays at 8.15, but from now on we will start at 8.30.

I am sorry if anyone has regrets for not having the opportunity to experience the original epic schedule.
30 Oct 17 Material of Friday, November 3 available
The lecture and brush-up materials have been added to Noppa.

We will use most of the time of Friday and Monday with small problems that help everyone to navigate with binary number representations - yes, there are more than just one...
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