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The course is not in progress or the course does not use Noppa. Contents of this page may be out of date.


This course has (a) no final exam, but (b) small (easy) weekly quizzes, and (c) weekly projects,  (d) weekly feedback both ways.
The objective all the time is to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes by every participant.



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12 Dec 18 Schedule of Thursday, December 13, 2018
The lecture schedule on Thursday, December 13 is 08.15-09.00, after which I leave for the airport.

The topic domain: mostly Q&A on the past course.
23 Nov 18 Quiz 3 results available
The answers to quiz 3 have now been processed. Some feedback is also available in Optima.
22 Nov 18 Mid-course survey open
A mid-course survey has been opened in Optima. Your responses are greatly appreciated.
08 Nov 18 Location on Thursday, November 8: PR119
Just to ensure that everyone notices the change. The reason: ABI-päivät took our regular location this week.
23 Oct 18 Signal Processing Systems learning environments
The Signal Processing Systems course uses both the Noppa and Optima environments. Noppa is used for lecture material and email messaging (like this), while Optima is employed in additional communications and for exercises.
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