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Common additional material

The course is not in progress or the course does not use Noppa. Contents of this page may be out of date.

The lecture material is available here. However, please notice that as the files are available before the course start, updates are possible.
About IoT and else Slides for the start
Adaptive filtering addendum 1 Introduction to adaptive filtering
Adaptive filtering II The four basic structures for adaptive filtering
Briefly about company activities A *very* limited overview of product oriented companies. The samples have been selected to complement each other.
Number format brush-up A quick number format brush-up
Number format exercise Some simple exercises
Part 1 Introduction First lecture
Part 10 Adaptive Filtering Introduction to adaptive filtering
Part 2 Computer Arithmetic Brush-up to numbers
Part 3 Fixed-point FIR Filter Design Intro to fixed point design
Part 4 CORDIC CORDIC algorithm basics
Part 5 DCT Discrete cosine transform
Part 6 Multirate Signal Processing Fundamentals of multirate techniques
Part 7 Efficient Multirate Implementations The real world schemes!
Part 8 Fast Convolution and Correlation Lapped technique introduction
Part 9 Filter Banks Filter bank introduction

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