Signal Processing Systems

University of Oulu

Signal Processing Systems

The objective of the course is to supply the student with basic understanding of  the most important digital signal processing algorithms and applications. 

In addition to Noppa, we use also Optima ( during the course, where the coordinates are 

   (1) Environment: "Oulun yliopisto, TTK"

  (2) Workspace: "Signal Processing Systems 2018"

 The course does not have any final exam. Points for the final grading are collected during the course via

1) weekly design tasks, which are done at home (and PC labs), and returned through Optima. You must register to the design task exercises by email.

2) weekly small quizzes, which are arranged during the lectures on Thursdays.

See Rules.pdf  in the Optima environment for detailed information about exercises, registration to them and grading policy.

The objective all the time is to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes by every participant.

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